The Story of SHN

Why SHN started providing patient and transplant housing in Rochester, MN …
(Greg, Jodie and Sheryl pictured with Mayor Brede)

Health Care Crisis and Recovery

Greg and Jodie were leading active, fulfilling lives until serious health issues led them to attend Mayo Clinic’s Pain Rehabilitation Center (PRC). It is a 3-week program that benefited both Greg and Jodie tremendously. Prior to attending the PRC, Jodie had been on bed rest 20 hours/day for 3 years. At the end of their 3 weeks, both Greg and Jodie were on their feet full days. They’ve remained on their feet, living active lives, ever since. Although they did not attend the PRC at the same time, Greg and Jodie met each other at one of the PRC’s one-day follow-up programs. As each patient shared what was currently going on in their lives, Greg and Jodie recognized a similar set of goals and values in each other. They both were determined to approach each day with hope and determination. Both were committed to living full, joy-filled lives despite the fact that they live with chronic pain. The PRC staff asked them to share their stories in the PRC each week to the current PRC patients and their families which Greg and Jodie have enjoyed doing since 2010.

Serenity House Opens with One Fully Furnished Apartment

In the fall of 2008, Greg was also exploring options for using his vacant rental home. One night he prayed that God would show him what to do. The next day, not knowing Greg had prayed that prayer, Jodie brought up the idea of opening a guesthouse for Mayo Clinic patients. Both Greg and Jodie felt an immediate excitement for this new idea. They both longed for God to use their own medical experiences to support and encourage other patients in the sometimes overwhelming process of being a Mayo Clinic patient. They were very excited at the possibility of sharing their experience, strength and hope with others.

Serenity House Network: Healing Homes

Jodie teamed with Sheryl (Greg’s wife) to start Serenity House Network, LLC. Serenity House Network (SHN) started with Greg’s home in September 2008, and has grown into a network of homes that have been converted to help meet the needs of Mayo Clinic patients and their families needing short-term or extended medical treatment. Ranging from $69-$131/night, each fully-furnished apartment or private home provides a full kitchen, living room, bedroom(s), bath(s), and garage stall(s). Each home or apartment is within a 10-minute drive of Mayo Clinic and is ultra-clean which is required for transplant and chemotherapy patients. Utilities included in the rental rates are heat/air conditioning, laundry, high speed wireless internet, cable or satellite TV, DVD, and phone service. No smoking or pets are allowed in SHN units. SHN homes and apartments are located in established, safe, residential neighborhoods and have outdoor areas for relaxation.

Serenity House Network: Helping Hands

While Sheryl and Jodie work together on the business end of Serenity House Network, Greg and Jodie partner together to provide guest support services. That support will be determined by each guest’s individual needs. They are available to answer any questions the SHN guests have about Rochester, give a tour of the Mayo campus and/or Rochester, or sit with a family during their loved one’s surgery. Each guest’s needs will be unique, as will what Greg and Jodie are able to offer during their specific stay in Rochester. If the SHN guests are interested in spiritual support, Jodie and Greg will offer them prayer support. And Greg and Jodie would be delighted to have Serenity House Network guests join them and their families for church on Sunday. Greg and Sheryl go to People of Hope Lutheran Church. Jodie and her family attend Autumn Ridge non-denominational church. Greg and Jodie consider it a privilege to be able to meet each person who stays at Serenity House Network. They hope to be a blessing to each guest in return.

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