A Physician Becomes the Patient: A Heart Transplant Story

6 Feb

A Physician Becomes the Patient: A Heart Transplant Story

A Physician Becomes the Patient: A Heart Transplant Story

Its name truly communicates the meaning, mission, and atmosphere of this fine facility.  Serenity House Network provides a special housing option for transplant patients that is not otherwise available in the Rochester area.  Serenity House Network  makes the transition into the real world from hospitalization easy by providing a clean, safe environment.  Greg and Jodie truly understand what many transplant patients need as I will further discuss.

I had been hospitalized at Saint Mary’s Hospital from July 3rd, 2013 until December 12th, 2013.  I received a heart transplant on November 28th.  For my family and for myself it had been a long journey.  We were all tired. We needed a warm, nurturing environment for all of us to heal.   I craved solitude after months of not having this in the hospital.  The thought of having to share a common living area with others, and not being able to have my entire family stay with me at the spur of the moment was not acceptable for me.  My son was too young to visit at many of the facilities.  It was holiday time and because we rented through Serenity House Network, we were all able to stay together.  We cooked several holiday dinners, and opened presents in our private living room. There was even a Christmas tree provided by Jodie and Greg.  While we were not home, this became home, and for all of us it was the best Christmas we had ever had.  We were back to being the wonderful family that we are.  We were happy and joyous.  Serenity House Network helped to give this back to us.

Serenity House Network provides a warm, environment that feels like home.  My daughters often refer to it as going “home” when they visit me from their colleges in Northfield.  The SHN duplex we rent is in a safe neighborhood which is close to grocery stores, movie theaters, the hospital, clinic, post office, etc.  The apartment has three bedrooms, two full baths, a kitchen, living room, and a den.  There are two televisions that are equipped with cable, as well as internet which provides access to netflex, hula, etc.   It is beautifully appointed with laminate floors, new beds, new couches, dining room table, and comfortable recliners.  The kitchen has new appliances, including dishwasher, microwave, stove, large refrigerator, blender, toaster, coffee maker, etc.  Dishes, pots, pans, cooking utensils, silverware, and glasses are all provided.   The linens and bed spreads are beautiful and tasteful.  The towels are thick and soft.  It is so nice that nothing needs to be purchased unlike when someone moves into an apartment or a house which may also have a lengthy lease.  There is a washer and dryer on site so that I can wash my towels daily which is important post-transplant.

Serenity House Network has focused on the need to provide a clean environment.  The laminate floors are the first step since they can be thoroughly cleaned unlike carpet which many places use.  They request that no shoes be worn inside.  They provide vacuum, swiffer, wet swiffer to clean as well as all the cleaning products that are used for transplant patients at the hospital.  They also come into the apartment once a month to do a thorough cleaning.  Serenity House Network is extremely responsive to any problems that may arise.  Someone is usually over to access the problem with in an hour.  They also provide snow removal services as well as helping families to move in if there is a need for such services. They are kind, friendly, compassionate people who truly care about others.

They provide an environment that is peaceful, and restful which everyone who has visited me notices.  The apartment is bright and sunny.  It is an environment that promotes healing not only physically but also spiritually and emotionally.  I wish more transplant patients were aware of this fabulous option.  I hope and wish that Serenity House Network continues to grow so that more transplant patients can take advantage of this fine facility.  I am a physician and my wife is a nurse, and we are both impressed by the high quality of service that is offered.  Jodie and Greg’s reward is knowing that they have succeeded in creating a family-oriented environment which promotes healing for transplant patients and their families in a way that no other option in Rochester seems to be able to do.  The name says it all, Serenity House Network.


Steven Turchan M.D. February 6, 2014

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